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William Sweeney

William (Bill) is a seasoned leader in the technology-enabled healthcare services space. As a CTO, CIO and CISO he incorporates tried and true industry solutions, leading-edge cloud infrastructure and innovative software to create platforms and modules that drive up productivity within an envelope of security and reliability.  Bill joined EMS|MC in November of 2023 as CTO bringing with him 25+ years of healthcare technology experience. Prior to joining EMS|MC, Bill held the role of CTO and CISO at Kemberton Healthcare Services, IOD Incorporated and eWebHealth where he delivered cost-effective, secure and reliable systems. As CTO of EMS|MC, Bill’s mission is to lead the development and expansion of the EMSolutions Platform as the most compelling and impactful EMS platform in the nation. Bill hails from Massachusetts where he earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is Cisco and Microsoft Certified.


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