Paramedics Plus and East Texas Medical Center EMS Announce Billing Partnership with EMS Management & Consultants

October 19, 2016 (Tyler, Texas) – Paramedics Plus, a national 911 ambulance transport service, and East Texas Medical Center EMS (ETMC EMS), a regional healthcare system, announced today a long-term billing partnership with EMS Management & Consultants (EMS|MC), a third-party EMS billing company. EMS|MC will become the sole revenue cycle management provider for Paramedics Plus and its Sioux Falls, SD and Alameda County, CA entities, as well as the ETMC EMS system.

EMS|MC is the largest billing services firm in the United States exclusively focused on the EMS industry. They are a leader in offering best-in-class, compliant billing and collections since being founded 20 years ago. East Texas Medical Center EMS operates exclusively in the state of Texas providing patient care through hospital networks and emergency first response. Paramedics Plus provides full-service ambulance transport operations to municipalities and hospital-based EMS programs.

“It was important to us when selecting a billing vendor that we have a partner who is ready to grow with our organization,” said Ron Schwartz, President of Paramedics Plus and ETMC EMS. “With EMS|MC, we get the most advanced technology and tracking tools, current hospital data exchange, and industry best practices. We know that our billing will be handled compliantly and will result in maximized revenue.”

“This is truly a unique partnership for EMS|MC,” said Greg Carnes, Chief Executive Officer of EMS|MC. “Aligning with Paramedics Plus and ETMC EMS allows us to utilize our core competency in EMS billing and claims management on a much broader scale. With an expanded capacity to serve, we look forward to increasing EMS reimbursements for Paramedics Plus and ETMC EMS, in turn helping their organizations better serve their communities.”


“We consider partnerships to be one of our core strengths and paramount to how we function as an operation,” said Schwartz. “Building an effective partnership with EMS|MC allows us to maintain focus on our mission of providing compassionate quality care and service.”

The strategic alliance between the organizations offers its municipality clients end-to-end fulfillment of ambulance operations and compliant billing.

About EMS|MC

EMS Management & Consultants is the largest billing company in the U.S. dedicated solely to the EMS community. Its services include revenue cycle management, reporting, and billing and operational consulting. Based in North Carolina, EMS|MC has expanded its presence from the Southeast and serves more than 230 clients in thirteen states and processes more than 1.5 million claims per year. For more information, visit

About Paramedics Plus

Formed in 1998, Paramedics Plus is an EMS system management organization that offers staffing and leadership options for large-scale paramedic ambulance services. Headquartered in Tyler, Texas, where it works with the East Texas Medical Center, the company also operates Sunstar Paramedics in Pinellas County, Florida; Three Rivers Ambulance Authority in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Paramedics Plus in Alameda County, California and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Paramedics Plus ambulance services are responsible for transporting more than 500,000 patients a year. More information is available at


About East Texas Medical Center EMS

ETMC EMS covers the city of Henderson, most of Smith County, all of Henderson County and portions of Cherokee and Wood counties in East Texas as well as parts of McClennan County in central Texas and a portion of Collin County in northeast Texas. ETMC EMS has more than 325 paramedics and emergency medical technicians, covering over 4,800 square miles in East Texas, responding to 100,000 requests for service and transportation of patients each year.
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