EMS|MC’s Claims Processing Technology

EMSmart™ claims processing technology raises the bar and your bottom line

At EMS|MC our priorities are clear: to employ a compliant, accurate and efficient system to manage an increasingly complex billing process while quickly maximizing your revenue.

For more than 230 clients across the country, EMSIMC has done just that with a new solution called EMSmart™ which frees you to focus on the important work of patient care, while having confidence that the maximum amount of revenue is being collected in a compliant manner.

What is EMSmart™?

EMSmart™ is our new, proprietary claims processing platform that delivers the industry’s best rules-based process automation while retaining human judgement at the appropriate points in the revenue cycle process. EMSmart™ is our internal processing engine, but we’re excited to share this information with you so you can have confidence that your claims are in the industry’s best hands…both human and automated.

How does EMSmart™ work?

EMSmart™ works by using rules-based automation to review ePCR information and pre-determine key elements of the billing process, which virtually eliminates the possibility for errors in the revenue cycle steps most prone to human error. EMSmart™ maintains human judgement where it’s needed in the process, giving our clients the best blend of technology and human talent available in the industry.

How will EMSmart™ affect you?

  • Increases overall coding and billing quality levels
  • Reduces claim touchpoints and potential fault points
  • Maximize collections
  • Increases our flexibility and speed to grow with our clients and to integrate on-going processes
  • Maximized compliance
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