EMS Management and Consultants Launches New Suite of Applications Called EMSolutions

June 17, 2016 (Winston-Salem, NC) – On Thursday, EMS Management and Consultants (EMS|MC), a third-party EMS and ambulance billing company, launched a new suite of service offerings and applications called EMSolutions.

“The launch of the EMSolutions Suite represents the next frontier for EMS|MC in thought leadership and innovative, technology-driven applications,” said Greg Carnes, EMS|MC’s Chief Executive Officer. “These services were developed to provide our clients with industry-leading solutions to the challenges and opportunities that face them in the EMS industry, equipping them with the insights, reporting, and analytics needed to stay ahead of the curve.”

The EMSolutions Suite is made up of proprietary products and services that can only be delivered by EMS|MC. Some of the offerings include: EMSurance, a patient demographic refinement solution, EMSecurePay, an online patient payment portal, EMSetoff, an application for managing accounts with delinquent debt, EMScholar, EMSpeak, and EMSight.

EMScholar is an online learning platform offering training modules that are relevant and impactful to the business, keeping EMS staff up-to-date on current policies, procedures and various industry topics. EMSpeak refers to the team of advocacy and legislative members lobbying at the state and local levels on matters that are critical to the future of EMS, specifically EMS reimbursements and federal and commercial payor trends. EMSight, a business intelligence dashboard, provides budget forecasting and allows EMS agencies to monitor global revenue cycle performance in real-time.

“Our clients are first-responders and don’t always have the time to focus on reimbursement matters, billing compliance, and the changing standards for documentation,” said Anna Woodruff, EMS|MC’s Vice President of Client Relations and Marketing. “EMSolutions was developed as a value-add to EMS professionals by keeping information at their fingertips while allowing them to provide the highest quality service to their communities. This launch comes as we celebrate our 20th year in business, and we’re proud that EMSolutions is a differentiator for us in the marketplace during this milestone year.”

EMS|MC is based in Winston-Salem, NC and serves more than 220 EMS agencies and ambulance services in 13 states, processing more than $760 million in gross charges per year.


About EMS|MC

EMS Management & Consultants is the largest billing company dedicated solely to the EMS community. Our services include revenue cycle management, reporting, and billing and operational consulting. Our goal is to increase revenue to EMS agencies so that they can better serve their communities and tax payers. We strive to do this by managing every step of the billing and claims management process with an unparalleled focus on client and patient satisfaction. For more information visit www.emsmc2.wpenginepowered.com.


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