EMS|MC Reimbursement Update May 2013: NC Medicaid Broker

As you may know, NC Medicaid, Division of Medicaid Assistance (DMA) issued an RFP for a non-emergency transportation broker system in 2012.

The proposed broker system would have required all non-emergency transports to be scheduled through the broker system.  The County EMS system would be required to contract through the broker system in order to be paid for Medicaid non-emergency transports.

As a result, many of the county EMS Directors, the NC State Office of EMS, and the NC Association of Counties began an aggressive approach to convince DMA that the broker system would not be an effective system for NC.

It was announced last week that DMA has decided to cancel the RFP and will not implement a Medicaid Broker system in NC.  DMA will issue a formal response to the NC General Assembly confirming that the existing model is the best delivery of non-emergency transportation to Medicaid recipients.

The General Assembly is expecting to issue a report requiring a more cooridinated effort among non-emergency ambulance transport providers and the County Transit systems.

Thanks to everyone’s support and advocacy.  This is a huge win for all NC non-emergency transport providers.

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